You are not a professional gamer? You are looking for a game as a hobby in the short free time? The game desired to be supported in many platforms and no strong devices configuration requirement. Well, I’ll suggest you the Tetris game.

Tetris was voted “the greatest game of all time”. Beside simple gameplay, it does not require too much thinking. Tetris is encouraged by researchers as one of the best games that help to distract while you are intensely anxious waiting to hear a bad news and It’s a promising treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder caused by painful memories. Furthermore, this is also one of the types of games that you can stop at any time you want, and the next time you can continue playing the previous one.

In terms of Tetris, Tetris is derived from tetra- prefix, and tennis. The Greek numerical tetra- prefix is because all the pieces have four small cubes, and tennis is the favorite sport of Pajitnov, the game’s creator.

Tetris possesses a simple gameplay. It consists of 7 pieces corresponding to the letters: I, J, L, O, S, T, Z. These pieces are randomly selected and appear in the play frame. With the gravity principle, the pieces will slowly fall down to the bottom. We can use the keys or buttons to move the pieces left or right, as well as rotate them. When a horizontal line in the playing frame is totally filled, the cubes in that horizontal row will be fired, in other words, the line will be cleared. If a piece touches out the top of the game screen, it’s the game over.

Tetris Versions

Currently, Tetris has many variants which are different challenges on how to play and the win conditions. Here, we will introduce to you some original versions:

Tetris 1989: is the first tetris game called also the endless game. This game version will never stop unless your stack reaches out the top of the playing frame. The goal is to conquer yourself, the mission of every game you play is to break your actual record and create a new record as high as possible.

Tetris Marathon: There are 15 levels that need to be completed. The gravity, which determines the speeds of the downward movement of the blocks, is different for each level and is faster when your level high up. Each time you clear 10 rows, the level will increase by one. There will be no end nor any change since you reach level 15.

N-blox: This is a variant of the Tetris marathon, however the requirement to complete the mission is only to reach the level 10.

Sprint: This is the type of Tetris game that requires speed, we need to clear 40 rows in the shortest time possible.

Ultra Tetris: You have 2 minutes, in that time, try to score as many points as you can. This type of game is to train your speed.

Survival: similar to Tetris marathon, you also need to clear 10 rows to level up, but instead of reaching level 15, you must reach level 20. Do not forget that special moves such as T spin and tetrises will give you bonus points.

Up to now, Tetris games are widely developed and available on over 65 platforms. You can play Tetris on a video game console like the Playstation PS or you can also play Tetris online with friends. If you want to play offline, the tetris game is available to download for iOS: or for Android:

Besides, you also can compete with other players with multi-players Tetris game. There are 2, 4, or 6 players modes where players interact on the system in real time. For multiplayers Teris, there are only two main game versions: Ultra Tetris and Sprint Tetris. Tetris battle 2P is the most played version in multiplayers Tetris. In this version, the player who gets top out first will be the loser. When you clear one or several rows, the garbage will be add to the bottom of the opponent’s stack. In detail, if you send less than 3 rows, the other party receives one row of garbage. If you send 3 rows, the other party receives 2 rows, and if you send 4 rows at a time, the other party will receive both 4 rows.

However, once you have mastered these above versions of games, you want the harder challenges? Then Tetris 3D and invisible Tetris are good suggestions. The invisible Tetris will accessible after you reach level 20 of the survival game. In this mode, you can see pieces when they appear and are falling down, but you will not know how you have put it into your stack because the stack that you have built has been totally hidden. This type of game requires you to imagine and remember well each location where each piece laid on. This is the basic principle to be able to conquer this mode. With this game, you are also helping your brain train its image retention capability.

Strategies in Tetris game?

So, how to conquer the Tetris game, survive the longest and obtain the highest score?

Tetris has many versions, and each version has its own tactics. However, here we will focus on the most basic and important tactics.

  • Stacking for Tetrises: Clearing each line gives us a spacious and easy space for rearrangements. However, if you want to get high score, you have to clear more than one row at once. In a specific way, following the scoring system, if you clear a single line, you will get 40 points, two lines will give 100 points, three lines will give 300 points and 4 lines – also known as a Tetrise – will be 1200 points.
  • Stack building: The goal is to minimize the number of holes as few as possible, and to provide as many suitable positions as possible for the next pieces..
  • Do T-Spins: The action of rotating a piece at that right moment so that it can fit to the gap that you normally can not squeeze the piece into is called T-spin. In most versions of Tetris, a T spin will give you significant bonus points. You should try to profit this point to get higher score.
  • Garbage clearing: In the battle 2P mode, the most important thing is to try to prevent yourself from being topped out rather than getting your opponent top out. To do so, try to get rid of the garbage in your stack instead of trying to send garbage to the opponent.
  • Piece preview: Take advantage of the possibility to see the next piece that will appear. It will affect your decision with the current piece. A good position for the current piece is the position that allows the next piece have also a good position.
  • Stack evenly: Try to keep your stack as low as possible. When the enemy’s garbage arrives, limit its impact to your playing frame. Do not try to stacking for Tetrises in this mode, because of the high risk that you will be topping out right away.
  • Holding the piece: Keeping and realizing the piece at the right time is a pretty powerful ability that some versions of Tetris offer. Especially, it is very useful to create the Tetrises. If you are not holding a piece, when the current piece does not have a good position in your stack, you can keep it. Or if you are already holding a piece, you can also swap it with the current one. If you want to create Tetrises, keep the I shape, and when you have set up four solid lines, and ready to fire them, then release that piece. However, do not try to keep the I piece too long when you know that there will be another I piece in the next turn. Holding and releasing pieces is considered an temporary solution. Try not to use it when you have become proficient, instead try to make each of the pieces that appear satisfied with your stack.
  • Practice makes perfect: every conquest requires regular practice. When you do it frequently your brain will be able to make decisions quickly. This is the most basic tactic. 🙂

The Techniques to Play Well Tetris – How to Unblocked games Tetris?

  • The tetrominos should be prioritized to be placed in the following positions: the O pieces should be placed in the middle columns of the playing frame, and in a flat surface. The other pieces should be filled from left to right. Leave one empty column (9/10) on the far right, and set four solid lines on the left for ready fire. Once the I piece appears, let use it to create a tetrises.
  • Limit unnecessary transformations to the minimum possible: While waiting for the current tetromino to be placed, think about how to rotate and arrange the next tetromino.The clockwise rotation or anti-clockwise rotation of I, S, Z pieces are the same, but those of J, L, T pieces are different. Memorizing the rotation of these pieces leads to cut down useless manipulation and accelerate your speed. Moreover, if there are no obstacle on the way, press hard drop to move faster.
  • Determine your play style: The horizontal style is to restrict the height of your stack as low as possible, by prioritizing arrange the pieces horizontally. Regardless of the garbage, just make sure that your stack is flat. The vertical style is the opposite, arranging pieces vertically, just focus on filling the holes, gaps and restricting the garbage.
  • Avoid the garbage: garbage rows appear when there is a misplaced of pieces. Because of that, the rows can not be cleared, and the gaps appear among the lines. Normally, you have to limit the creation of garbage, but if garbage is present, try to clear the rows above the garbage rows in order to reach them and clean them up. However, do not try to clean it up with the pieces that will leave behind holes and gaps.
  • Dual Tetris: take advantage of the piece holding ability to hold I piece in order to create dual Tetrises, it would be great if you could do a dual Tetris in a Tetris battle 2P, wouldn’t it?
  • Challenge yourself: to improve your skills, in the early stages of the game you should create garbage and try to solve it. Repeat like that allows you to improve yourself in playing Tetris.

Updated information about Tetris game:

The “Classic Tetris World Championship” is an annual Tetris competition aimed at finding the best Tetris player in the world. The competition consists of two rounds: in the Qualifying round, each player starts at level 9 or higher. The top 32 players with the highest scores in the first round will be selected, and keep on fighting in the main event round. In 2018, the championship belongs to Joseph Saelee. The second runner-up is Jonas Neubauer.


It was born a long time ago, but Tetris is still one of the most popular games. Because of the simple way to play and the challenges that it brings. Not only helping distraction for easing an anxious mind, Tetris also helps the players improve speed thinking and memorizing skill. However, to be a professional player in this type of game, you will need a lot of skills as well as a regular training.